Providing Manpower & Logistics Solutions To The Oil & Gas Industry

Production Support ServicesShorebase Management

West Coast Logistics provides asset warehousing and management services to clients in both upstream and downstream environments.

West Coast Logistics manages our Clients’ shorebase operations providing logistics support to upstream production sites.

Our teams typically interface with our onsite coordinators to supply the drilling and production organizations with the required equipment, materials and contractor supplies needed for their operations. We warehouse, inventory, and procure supplies and contractor resources as needed.

Our teams schedule resources, coordinate inbound and outbound movements of materials, and supervise transportation and dockside operations to meet field requirements.

Services typically provided include:

Materials Management and Inventory Control Services

  • Develop processes and procedures to ensure optimum utilization of client and vendor warehoused inventory
  • Develop appropriate min/max stocking levels, re-order points (ROP), and economic order quantities (EOQ)
  • Provide idle inventory reporting and surplus disposal action
  • Identify and develop vendor-stocking opportunities when appropriate
  • Perform monthly perpetual inventory verification and communicate inventory exceptions to the Client
  • Ensure inventory accuracy is maintained though rotating inventory counts
  • Participate in periodic client asset verification processes for warehouse stock items and assist client in resolving any identified discrepancies

Warehouse Services

  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Coordinate inbound freight from offshore facilities and expedite required dispositions
  • Ensure compliance with relevant DOT transportation and EPA HazMat handling
  • Plan and manage outdoor storage and laydown areas
  • Supervise Dockside Operations- loading and unloading vessels

Material Coordination on Offshore Platforms

  • Provide point-to-point materials and transportation assets coordination and control with the shorebase
  • Unload supply vessels at the platform sites
  • Maintain remote site inventories